Adventure Tour: Day 2

Waking up at the Monkey House proved to be an experience not to be missed, although we did miss our warm showers. Crepes, bananas and honey for breakfast overlooking the Andes was followed by a visit from our own little private zoo. The monkey climbed up on our shoulders, the macaw perched on Ella, Becca, Maggie and Luke but absolutely refused to make friends with Isabela. A civet cat prowled about the patio but didn’t poop out any coffee beans. And then there were the more ordinary animals, tiny little kittens and a variety of dogs. It is a small miracle that we do not have a new “Blyth Academy Pet”. Organic coffee and chocolate were purchased as we determined they were worth carrying on the next leg of this journey.

student with a monkey on his shoulder

Next, we broke into two groups, one headed out on a 3-hour hike through the Andes, the other went off to a waterfall. No matter what choice everyone made, spirits were high at lunch when we met up and shared our stories. The views on the hike were amazing although a little frightening from time to time. Don’t worry parents, we were careful and stayed safe. Maddi reports that the waterfall was “unexpected, beautiful and just generally an unforgettable part of our Machu Picchu trip”. The students all thought they looked beautiful with their carefully painted faces. The fruit used to create the colour was picked on the spot.

students hiking the Andes - view of river way below

After lunch, it was off to the train station where we set out on a 3-hour walk along the tracks to the little town of Aguas Calientes, the gateway to Machu Picchu. We were really glad when we arrived, checked in and showered. Next came dinner and an early bedtime. Our tickets for entry to Machu Picchu are for 6 am which means a 4:45 am departure from our hotel. That’s an early wakeup call but we are so excited to visit this amazing place.

More to come…

Isa, Maddie and Devon

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