Term Two

Southeast Asia


About Term Two

Explore the bustling cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, be awed by temples in Cambodia and Thailand, trek through mountain scenery, and take a riverboat cruise in Laos. During Term Two, you’ll experience fascinating cultures, ancient ceremonies, astounding architecture, and modern city life.

The journey begins in Hanoi, a city bursting with arts, culture, museums, shopping, and theatre. Board a two-day overnight boat cruise to Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site home to islands, caves, beaches, and wildlife. Venture south to Vietnam’s capital and largest metropolis, Ho Chi Minh City, renowned for its famous night-markets and delicious street food – the perfect place to fill up before heading into the jungles of Cambodia.

The centrally-located Siem Reap will be your home base in Cambodia, as you travel to the vast temple complex of Angkor Wat, and surrounding monuments – from Ta Prohm, a temple enveloped in huge tree roots; to Bayon, decorated with huge carved smiling faces. Take time to visit the Landmine Museum to learn about the Khmer Rouge’s horrifying history.

Dive back into the ancient world in Laos, and the town of Luang Prabang. Tour the most spectacular Buddhist temples, see shrines decorated in gold, covered in intricate carvings and inhabited by orange-clad monks, and get your thrills on a zip line through the jungle and a hike to stunning waterfalls.

Take the scenic route to Thailand on a boat cruise along the Mekong River. Start from the top in Chiang Rai Province, and trek into the surrounding hills to see tribal villages. Further south, discover the island of Ko Lanta’s white-sand beaches along the sunset coast. Spend your days having class on the sand and snorkelling before heading back inland to Ayutthaya, an archaeological site containing palaces, Buddhist temples, monasteries and statues, the perfect place to bid farewell to an awesome term two in Asia.


October 22nd – December 11th 2020*

Hanoi ▸ 5 days
Ha Long Bay ▸ 1 day
Ho Chi Minh City ▸ 3 days
Siem Reap ▸ 8 days
Luang Prabang ▸ 9 days
Mekong River Cruise ▸ 1 day
Chiang Rai ▸ 8 days
Ko Lanta ▸ 8 days
Ayutthaya ▸ 6 days
*All dates are subject to change.


Activities included in your program

Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat
Zip Lining
Zip Lining
Mekong River Cruise
Mekong River Cruise
Ha Long Bay Boat Tour
Ha Long Bay Boat Tour
Included in your program: Hiking
Included in your program: Vatican
Included in your program: Colosseum
Included in your program: Sailing
Included in your program: Acropolis

▸ Round-trip group airfare from Toronto
▸ Group airport transfers at location
▸ Transportation between cities
▸ Accommodation
▸ Tuition & Supervision

▸ Breakfast and dinner daily
▸ Farewell Banquet
▸ Departure taxes, fees & surcharges
▸ Pre-departure briefing and materials
▸ Designated outings and activities

▸ City orientation tours
▸ Use of free Internet, where available*
▸ Access to Travel Journal & Vidigami
▸ Regular exercise activities
▸ And much more!

* Most hotels have Wi-Fi in common areas. Please note Internet access may not be available in bedrooms.

private sailboat students will stay on



Ha Long Bay: TBA

Ho Chi Minh City: TBA

Siem Reap: TBA

Luang Prabang: TBA

Chiang Rai: TBA

Ko Lanta: TBA

Ayutthaya: TBA


Dear Future Student

This program is an experience of a lifetime! The teachers organize fun activities to mix in with school work so there is always something fun going on. This has been a very enjoyable time and I would do it again in a second!



Flight Details

Groups are required to meet at the airport 3 hours prior to departure

Please note: Flights are subject to change by the airline.



Optional Excursions

The following are examples of optional excursion our students participated in last year. Excursions and prices are subject to change. Please check back closer to the program date for a final list and your chance to register!

Term Two Optional Excursion - Ninh Binh Day Tour
Term Two Optional Excursion - Kayaking
Term Two Optional Excursion - Thai Cooking Class
Term Two Optional Excursion - Countryside Biking
Term Two Optional Excursion - Elephant Sanctuary
Term Two Optional Excursion - Community Service
Term Two Optional Excursion - One Day Trekking
Term Two Optional Excursion - Ninh Binh Day Tour
Term Two Optional Excursion - Countryside Biking
Term Two Optional Excursion - Community Service
Term Two Optional Excursion - Kayaking
Term Two Optional Excursion - Elephant Sanctuary
Term Two Optional Excursion - One Day Trekking
Term Two Optional Excursion - Thai Cooking Class

Travel Services
(Flights, Accommodation, Meals, etc.)
Tuition & Supervision$7,520
Taxes & Fees$1,095
Total Fee:

Cancellation Protection - click for policy details.$495
Medical Insurance** - click for policy details.$125
Cancellation Protection & Medical Insurance Package**$595

Did you know you can redeem Aeroplan, TD Travel, or CIBC Aventura points to the cost of the program? Click here for more details.***

*Plus $495 registration fee. Includes group airfare arranged by Blyth Academy and an estimated $1,095.00** in airline and departure taxes, local taxes and fees. All itineraries, excursions, and dates are subject to change.

**Medical insurance is available to Canadian residents only. While Cancellation protection and Medical insurance is optional, we strongly recommend that you purchase both.

***Please visit www.blythpoints.com for more details on funding your program through Aeroplan points.