Term One



Term One 2019 - students in front of the Temple of Zeus

We Have Arrived In Athens!

WE HAVE ARRIVED IN ATHENS! Dear Parents, Last week saw us spending a final few days in Heraklion catching up on assignments, ISPs and the end of our lessons before we boarded the night ferry for Athens. We arrived in the Greek capital at dawn on Friday morning, tired,...
Term One 2019 - students at the ruins of Knossos Palace

From the Eternal City to the Birthplace of Modern Civilization

From the Eternal City to the Birthplace of Modern Civilization Dear Parents, It was exactly one week ago today that we explored the Catacombs of Domitilla on the outskirts of Rome. Later that day our students were escorted to the Vatican where we all gazed up at the...
Term One 2019 - students in the Colosseum

Our First Week in Rome

Our First Week in Rome Dear Parents, We have now completed our first week in Rome and are experiencing what has become Europe’s never-ending summer with temperatures well into the high 20s. Our hotel, situated in the popular Trastevere neighbourhood of Rome, is...


About Term One

Roam the hallowed halls of Oxford University, gaze upon great works of art and world-famous landmarks, visit castles and palaces, and see the seat of the Roman Empire with your own eyes. During Term One of Global High School, you’ll experience the best culture and history Europe has to offer.

Begin this term in one of the United Kingdom’s most impressive seats of learning: Oxford. Enjoy a true university experience in Oxford, the city of dreaming spires, and stay in residence at Oxford University, the perfect home base for exploring this historic university. Visit the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology and punt down the River Cherwell before making your way to Spain.

Head south to the Mediterranean shore and wander through the beautiful quarters of Barcelona, immersing yourself in Catalan language, culture, and cuisine. Sun yourself at the glamorous Sitges Beach; be awestruck by examples of Antoni Gaudí’s architecture, including the Sagrada Família and Park Güell; and study the riches of the Picasso Museum.

Take wing over the north of the Tyrrhenian Sea and descend in ancient Italy! Make your way through the winding streets of Florence to explore the birthplace of the Renaissance and home to Blyth Academy Florence. Stop in and say hello to our staff and students before departing south to Rome where you will visit the Vatican and Sistine Chapel, and marvel at the grandeur of the ancient Colosseum.

Acclimate yourself to Greek culture on Crete, the country’s largest island, where you can rejuvenate on dazzling beaches, and swim in clear blue waters. Head to the mainland and the iconic Athens, where you can feast your eyes upon the Agora and the Temple of Zeus, before closing the chapter on this leg of your global study abroad adventure.


August 26th – October 17th, 2019*

London (day trip)
*All dates are subject to change.


Activities included in your program

sagrada familia
sagrada familia
Included in your program: Hiking
Included in your program: Vatican
Included in your program: Colosseum
Included in your program: Sailing
Included in your program: Acropolis

▸ Round-trip group airfare from Toronto
▸ Group airport transfers at location
▸ Transportation between cities
▸ Accommodation
▸ Tuition & Supervision

▸ Breakfast and dinner daily
▸ Farewell Banquet
▸ Departure taxes, fees & surcharges
▸ Pre-departure briefing and materials
▸ Designated outings and activities

▸ City orientation tours
▸ Use of free Internet, where available*
▸ Access to Travel Journal & Vidigami
▸ Regular exercise activities
▸ And much more!

* Most hotels have Wi-Fi in common areas. Please note Internet access may not be available in bedrooms.

private sailboat students will stay on




Dear Future Student

Be prepared for an experience that will be so unique and so incredible! This program will show you a whole new side of travel and immersion and is such a great opportunity to make great friends! I was nervous on the plane here, but the second I arrived, I felt right at home. Enjoy this unforgettable experience and see all you can!



Flight Details

Groups are required to meet at the airport 3 hours prior to departure

Please note: Flights are subject to change by the airline.

DateAirline/Flight #DepartureArrival
Monday, August 26, 2019
Air Canada flight 848
Depart Toronto 8:40 pm
Arrive London, Heathrow 8:35 am, August 27
Thursday, October 17, 2019
Air Transat flight 695
Depart Athens 2:05 pm
Arrive Toronto 5:45 pm


Optional Excursions

Term One Optional Excursion - Biking Around Oxford
Term One Optional Excursion - Tower of Pisa
Term One Optional Excursion - Santorini
Term One Optional Excursion - Hiking in the Pyrenees
Term One Optional Excursion - Gladiator School
Term One Optional Excursion - Beach Cruiser Bike Tour
Term One Optional Excursion - Knossos Palace

Travel Services
(Incl. Taxes & Fees)
Tuition, Supervision and Health and Wellness$6,470
Total Fee:

Cancellation Protection - click for policy details.$495
Medical Insurance** - click for policy details.$125
Cancellation Protection & Medical Insurance Package**$595

Did you know you can redeem Aeroplan, TD Travel, or CIBC Aventura points to the cost of the program? Click here for more details.***

*Plus $495 registration fee. Includes group airfare arranged by Blyth Academy and an estimated $1,095.00** in airline and departure taxes, local taxes and fees. All itineraries, excursions, and dates are subject to change.

**Medical insurance is available to Canadian residents only. While Cancellation protection and Medical insurance is optional, we strongly recommend that you purchase both.

***Please visit www.blythpoints.com for more details on funding your program through Aeroplan points.



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Thank you for your interest in Blyth Academy Global High School.

After careful consultation with our staff and vendors, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our Global High School program for the 2020-21 school year. Given significant and widespread disruptions to global travel, and the uncertainty of when operations will return to normal, it is simply not possible to plan and operate these programs to our high standards of safety and execution.

For more information, or to talk through possible options, please contact the Admissions team via admissions@blytheducation.com or 416-960-3552. The Admissions team can also speak to you about options to complete the current academic year if this is of interest as well.

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