2018/2019 Term Three:
Australia & New Zealand

Sorry, this term has come and gone. Interested in studying abroad in Australia & New Zealand? Check out Term Three for 2019/2020!


Sydney • Whitsunday Coast • Great Barrier Reef (day excursion) • Brisbane • Queenstown • Auckland • Rotorua

Boomerangs, didgeridoos, kangaroos and kiwis await you on the other side of the globe. Discover the land down under’s unique wildlife and eco-systems, visit natural wonders, and ride the waves before hopping over to New Zealand’s adventures and astounding landscapes. In Term Three of Global High School, you’ll experience the sand, surf, sun and smiles this part of the world is known for.

Start off Semester Two studying in Sydney, Australia. Tour Darling Harbour and see the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House and enjoy a day at one of the city’s many beaches, including the hip Bondi Beach, or take a coastal walk.

Head north out of the city to the Whitsunday Coast, dotted with islands, lined with sublime beaches, and perfect for sun and relaxation. While here, sail to the Great Barrier Reef and discover its unique aquatic life before travelling down the east coast to study in Brisbane, a city that offers a taste of hipster cool, with laid-back cafés, excellent vintage shopping, and an artistic vibe. Visit the area’s Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to meet koalas, feed kangaroos, and learn about unique Australian wildlife.

A marvel of geography, New Zealand offers dramatic landscapes that provided the backdrop for the Lord of the Rings films—no CGI needed here! Known as the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown is a place for adventurers and thrill seekers. Here, we’ll blend study with outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, Frisbee and many more.

Next, we will travel to Auckland. This city offers a remarkable range of scenery, where everyone lives within half an hour of beautiful beaches, hiking trails and enchanting islands. It’s a great environment to rest, study and recalibrate.

Our final stop in New Zealand is Rotorua. Known for its geothermal activity, the area features numerous geysers and hot mud pools for students to explore before heading across the Pacific Ocean to begin Term Four.


Group flights are on a request basis. Please contact Admissions at 1-866-960-3552.

Groups are required to meet at the airport 3 hours prior to departure

DateAirline/Flight #DepartureArrival
Monday, February 11, 2019
Westjet flight 713
Depart Toronto 2:00 pm
Arrive Vancouver 4:20 pm
Monday, February 11, 2019
Air New Zealand flight 23
Depart Vancouver 6:20 pm
Arrive Auckland 5:30 am, February 13
Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Air New Zealand flight 101
Depart Auckland 7:00 am
Arrive Sydney 8:35 am
Thursday, April 4, 2019
Air New Zealand flight 8152
Depart Rotorua 12:45 pm
Arrive Auckland 1:30 pm
Thursday, April 4, 2019
Air New Zealand flight 28
Depart Auckland 7:30 pm
Arrive Houston 3:15 pm
Thursday, April 4, 2019
Air Canada flight 596
Depart Houston 5:25 pm
Arrive Toronto 9:33 pm

Please note: Flight times are subject to change by the airlines.


Harbour City Night Bridge Climb (Sydney)

Syndey Harbour Bridge Climb**CLOSED**

Join the journey and climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge at night. You will ascend four ladders to the start of the upper arch, surrounded by the buzz of Sydney’s traffic. Your journey will continue along the Bridge’s outer arch on the Opera House side until you hit the top. After, you cross the spine of the Bridge to the Darling Harbour side to make your descent back to your Climb Base.

Please wear proper shoes and bring water.

Please note: you cannot participate if you have undergone surgery in the last 6 months or have experienced a seizure in the past 6 months.

Anticipated Date: Sunday, February 17th, 2019

Price: $365

Sea Kayaking Down Under (Airlie Beach)

Sea Kayaking**CLOSED**

The Whitsunday Coast is the perfect spot to jump in a kayak and paddle the day away. Warm breezes, sunny skies and clear waters will make this a kayaking adventure not to be missed.

Our guide will first introduce us to safe paddling techniques and then help us into our stable kayaks. Along the shoreline from Airlie, we’ll take to the water at Shute Harbour, and explore the sites, secret coves and islands of this majestic coastline. This includes White Rock, where we will have time to swim, explore or relax. Cruising through the turquoise ocean, we’ll see a diversity of marine and birdlife, and there’s even a chance we’ll see humpback whales.

This trip can be enjoyed by both experienced paddlers and beginners. Participants must be able to swim.
Included: cold drinks and a snack, stable double kayaks, buoyancy aid, stinger suits, snorkelling gear, and a dry bag for a towel and spare clothes (please note: we cannot guarantee to keep sensitive electronics dry).

Please bring a hat, sunscreen, bottle of water, swimwear, shoes that are suitable for getting wet, a towel, and dress according to the weather.

Anticipated Date: Sunday, February 24th, 2019

Price: $150

Moreton Island Day Trip (Brisbane)

Sand Boarding**CLOSED**

This full-day adrenaline-charged excursion takes us to the world’s third largest sand island, Moreton Island, just a short ferry ride from Brisbane, where we’ll have an action-packed day!

Guided Snorkelling of the Tangalooma Shipwrecks
The Tangalooma wrecks are a collection of 15 vessels that were deliberately sunk to form a protective breakwall for small ships stopping at the island and now make an incredible dive and snorkel site. Clear waters allow for wonderful visibility allowing snorkellers to see an array of marine life and coral. Our guide will ensure we can explore this safely, with all gear and instructions provided.

Transparent Kayaking
In these innovative kayaks, even the seats are see-through! Kayaking through the smooth waters, we see a new perspective on the ocean life passing under us. Feeding the fish will create a frenzy of activity right beneath us. If we’re lucky, the playful local dolphins will even swim alongside us!

Sand boarding
Taking a 4WD bus up into the desert area of the island, we’ll get to surf down high sand dunes for an exhilarating ride. Getting up to speeds of 60km/h this is fast and furious! We’ll have special boards and get a safety briefing before hitting the slopes.

In addition to all of that, we’ll get to re-charge with morning tea and a picnic lunch on the beach. There are café facilities to purchase snacks and drinks locally.

Please bring water, swimwear, sunglasses, sunscreen, sunhat and a towel.

Anticipated Date: Sunday, March 3rd, 2019

Price: $325

Jet Boating (Queenstown)

Jet Boating**CLOSED**

From the moment the accelerator hits the floor, your adrenaline hits the roof as you speed in mere centimetres of water along the famous Shotover River and deep into the spectacular Shotover River Canyons.

It’s an amazing white water ride, as the Shotover Canyon walls tower over you. Your expert driver puts your ‘Big Red’ Jet Boat through its paces and skillfully whips it past rocky outcrops, skims around crags and boulders, and speeds through the dramatic and narrow canyons. Rock faces blur in your peripheral vision and the water sprays into myriads of whitewater crystals with every turn as you speed in your state of the art ‘Big Red’ Jet Boat at up to 85kph over crystal clear water as shallow as 10cm deep.

Anticipated Date: Saturday, March 9th 2019

Price: $220

Bungee Jumping (Queenstown)

Bungee Jumping**CLOSED**

The Kawarau Bridge Bungee is home to the world’s first commercial bungee site. With a 43m bungee and an 8-second free fall, this excursion is perfect for anyone looking for a lot of adventure!

We will depart the hotel in the afternoon and take a short drive to the bungee site. Here there will be an introduction to the site, as well as information on the jump provided by the trained bungee staff of A.J. Hackett Bungee New Zealand. Then it’s jump time!

Students will have the option of many different jump styles, and whether you want to bob above the water, touch the water or be fully immersed it will all add to the experience. After the jump, we will let the thrill sink in and then be transported back to the hotel in time for dinner.

The Staff of A.J. Hackett take safety considerations and gear testing very seriously. They were one of the pioneers of the Australian and New Zealand Standards Authority Guidelines for commercial operations in Bungee Jumping and frequently request auditing from two external corporations: Bureau Veritas; an internationally recognized auditing company, and the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC). The combination of a thrilling experience, quality product and highly-regarded safety record has meant that A.J. Hackett has achieved widespread recognition, with awards from New Zealand Qualmark, the S Mark, and several Tourism New Zealand Awards.

Anticipated Date: Sunday, March 10th, 2019

Price: $250

Want to just come out and watch? For those students that are not feeling as adventurous, we offer a transportation-only option which allows for all the fun of watching, but none of the thrill of actually jumping. Come and watch as your friends take the leap!

Sky Diving (Queenstown)

Sky Diving Jumping**CLOSED**

Take to the skies and leap back down to earth (attached to your sky diving instructor).

It takes a certain kind of person to leap out of an aircraft to the ground. It takes courage. You step out of that aircraft door and for some 60 seconds you freefall at 200km/hour. The personal challenge is immense! Students who have previously participated in this say it was one of the true highlights of their year, so if you’ve got the nerve – go for it!

There are two choices: dive from 12,000ft or 15,000ft. The 15,000ft gives you a longer free fall. Your height will need to be decided upon reservation.

Please note: It is not possible to upgrade elevation on site.

Anticipated date: Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

12,000ft Price: $475
15,000ft Price: $575


Zorbing (Rotorua)


Zorbing, or outdoor gravity orbing, is an exciting adventure where you roll down a hill in a giant plastic ball! Dive into your ball and roll down Mt. Ngongotaha, a hill on the outskirts of Rotorua, on two specially designed tracks – one is a fast 250m straight run, and the other is a 350m winding zig-zag run. You’ll have the choice of whether you want a wet or dry ride!

Bring your swimwear – and whether you choose to get wet in your zorb, or not, make the most of the hot tubs at the top and bottom of the hill with views over the local farmland. There’s also a café on site for refreshment.

In its modern form, the sport originated in New Zealand though there is some debate of the true inventor as there have been experiments in the past with humans rolling about in objects akin to the hamster ball in France!

Your exhilarating zorbing experience will last about an hour, plus travel time.

Anticipated Date: Saturday, March 30th, 2019

Price: $125

Day Trip to Hobbitton Movie Set: Lord of the Rings (Rotorua)


Experience the real Middle-earth at the Hobbiton Movie Set, where, in the heart of the Waikato region, you can step into the lush pastures of the Shire, as seen in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies.

Journey through the clear beauty of the land, with the mighty Kaimai Ranges towering in the distance. Your guide will then escort you around the set, showing the intricate detailing, pointing out the most famous locations and explaining how the movie magic was made.

You will be guided around the 12-acre set; past Hobbit Holes, the Mill and into the world-famous Green Dragon Inn, where you will be presented with a complimentary, exclusive Hobbit Southfarthing beverage to conclude your own Middle-earth adventure.

Please bring: a hat, sunscreen, a bottle of water, and shoes that are comfortable to walk in.

Anticipated Date: Sunday, March 31st, 2019

Price: $195

February 11 – April 4, 2019

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  • English (ENG3U)
  • Biology (SBI3U)
  • Physics (SPH3U)
  • Visual Arts: Photography (AWQ3M)


  • English (ENG4U)
  • Biology (SBI4U)
  • Physics (SPH4U)
  • Equity and Social Justice: From Theory to Practice (HSE4M)
  • International Business Fundamentals (BBB4M)
  • Visual Arts: Photography (AWQ4M)


Sydney: Sydney Central YHA
Whitsunday Coast: Colonial Palms Motor Inn
Brisbane: George William Hotel
Queenstown: The Lofts Queenstown
Auckland: Econo Lodge Auckland
Rotorua: Sudima Rotorua

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