Global High School Travel Journal

Below are a collection of travel journal entries from the program managers and activity coordinators about the students personal and experiential education and travels.

We have arrived in Rome!

We have arrived in Rome! Hello everyone, After a short two-hour flight, we have arrived in Rome and have settled into our new accommodation, Hostel Trust Ever. It is a charming boutique hostel that looks like it came right out of Pinterest! We have already had a...

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Barcelona: Bye Bye Barca!

Barcelona: Bye Bye Barca! Hello Travel Journal followers, This morning we have to say goodbye to the Travelodge Poblenou in Barcelona. We really became well acquainted with this neighbourhood, and felt very comfortable in the area. Students have learned how to use the...

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Barcelona: Class on the beach? Yes please!

Class on the beach? Class in a local café? Class at La Boquería Market? – Yes please! For the last few days our students have been having classes all over the city. I decided to join in on some of the classes and enjoyed watching our students engage in the...

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Our Debut in Barcelona

We have arrived in Barcelona! I must say, walking off of the plane and feeling the heat immediately touch our skin was an instant pick me up. After an early morning departure from Oxford, it felt nice to finally arrive in Barcelona, a city with world-renowned...

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Oxford: We are loving London!

What a day! London; one of the world’s most visited cities! Five words I would use to describe London: buzzing, fascinating, multicultural, rushed and intriguing! Our day started early at 7am. We were served breakfast in a box at St. Hilda’s College, and walked...

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Oxford: Smitten for Stratford!

Oxford: Smitten for Stratford! Stratford Upon Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare; one of the first facts we learned before studying our first Shakespeare play in grade 9 English class. This is where we spent our day today! The drive from Oxford to Stratford...

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Oxford: Getting Into the Groove!

Oxford: Getting Into the Groove! Hello Travel Journal followers! We have not forgotten about you, we have just been immersing ourselves in the stunning architecture, history and culture of Oxford. With plentiful ancient and modern colleges, parks and green...

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Macchu Picchu – Last Stop on Adventure Tour: Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 4

Departing at 5:30am, some of us began our hike and others walked through the city toward the bus stop. Those of us taking the bus lined up with other adventurous tourists under the dark skies of the early morning. One by one we nestled into our bus seats and drove up to the top of Machu Picchu. We gazed out the windows as the sun rose over the stunning mountains, warming the friendly hikers on the trail, and overpowering the lights from the city below.

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Hiking Adventure Tour: Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 4

It was three hours of everything you can imagine: we were loud, we were silent, we were photographers, we were interpreters, we were tranquil, and we were rowdy. We sang, we gazed, we learned, and we breathed a different breath. We played with dogs, we listened to the powerful Urubamba River, and we channeled our inner gymnast while using the railway as a balance beam. We waved to fishermen, we got dirty, and we listened to music. We were tired, we were lively, and we were appreciative. In sum, we were the best versions of ourselves.

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Biking Adventure Tour: Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 4

Arriving at our destination of Abra Malaga Mountain, we got all geared up for a downhill mountain bike trail – starting at more than 14,000 feet! We began our decent through the clouds, rolling down the winding roads, waving to wild animals along the way. It was a rainy day, but we toughed it out for a little while before breaking for a warm rest.

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The Inka Connection: Travel Journal Term 4 2016-17

The students are currently in class, getting ready to take on the final two weeks of academics. It will be a wonderful last leg of the journey. We are so very lucky to be in the care of Luis and Miguel, of Inkas Destination. They’ve been working with Blyth for many years and are now considered Blyth family. They know all the great spots, the ins and outs of their city, and they love working with our students year after year.

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‘Sweaty Chicken’ – It’s What’s for Dinner: Travel Journal Term 4 2016-17

Classes are going extremely well as the students and teachers work hard during the final countdown. Here is a little excerpt from Mr. C’s recent update:

“Students were given their final projects for photography which will require them to capture a photo essay on a significant theme or topic (depending on the grade level). Students will be analyzing everything from body image, gender and emotion to power and capitalism in Central and South America. Wild, it’s all just so wild in the best way possible!”

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Entering the Cloud – Monteverde: Travel Journal Term 4 2017

A handful of hours later, and a steep drive up into the clouds, we arrived at our new haven: Monteverde.
How do we love Monteverde? Let me count the ways: lush forests, tranquil environment, genuine people, unique wildlife, and the saying of all sayings: Pura Vida! We literally fell in love with Monteverde at first site.

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Final Days in Surf Town San Juan Del Sur: Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 4

Our week kicked off with a surf lesson at Playa Remanso. We couldn’t have asked for better weather on this day. Clear skies and perfect waves – a surfer’s paradise. Our instructors at Arena Caliente Surf Camp were incredible and got nearly all of our students standing up on the boards. On Wednesday afternoon our whole group went to Bario Planta Project (BPP) for a day of community service. BPP is a non-profit organization that empowers local youth with free supplementary schooling. This organization is absolutely incredible.

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San Juan Del Sur – Surf Town: Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 4

er our arrival, we wasted no time and woke up on Friday for a morning hike. We prepped our muscles with a tasty breakfast of eggs, gaillo pinto and fruits, and climbed up the STEEP hill that leads to the town’s statue of Jesus – talk about a morning workout! It is quite the difficult climb, but a decently quick one. Each and every one of us challenged our bodies and made it to the top of the hill while cheering one another on.

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On the Road to Mirador (not Mordor): Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 4

On Monday we climbed 3km up Maderas Volcano to the ‘mirador’, or viewpoint. Moving in and out of shade, the climb was hot, challenging, and beautifully lush every step of the way. Our Nicaraguan guides, Eric and Dimas showed us so many interesting species of plants and insects native to the region. Some of us even milked a cow!

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Our Ometepe Home – Villa Paraiso: Term 4 2016-17

Now we settle into Ometepe at our beachfront resort, Villa Paraiso. We are currently enjoying a relaxing day as some of us go for a swim and others do some homework/read in their personal hammocks. We are surrounded by palm trees, Lake Nicaragua, and friendly locals who accept us ever so warmly.

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Granada – Perfect Start to the Term: Travel Journal Term 4 2016-17

There are over 350 small islands sprawled throughout Lake Nicaragua – Central America’s largest lake. We even stopped at Monkey Island, where we fed Doritos to the furry little things who get chubbier each year from all the food they get from tourists like us!

All in all, it was a perfect day. The students have been laughing and smiling the entire time, which is truly such an amazing thing to see. Everyone is happy and healthy as we ensure they stay hydrated in this heat! (Accidental alliteration right there).

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Exam Time in South America: Global High School 2016-17 Term 3

The journey is not over just yet; we have a second exam to write tomorrow! Today the students wrote their first exam, and they felt good about it. Upon asking them how they felt this morning, everyone seemed cool, calm, and collected. The teachers did a great job of preparing the students for their end-of-term assessments.

Tomorrow evening we have our final banquet dinner as a group. We will ascend the Auckland Sky Tower and dine in the famous Orbit restaurant, which offers stunning views of the city.

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Touring the North Island Auckland Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 3

Greetings from Auckland! We have arrived safely from the South Island and are enjoying the warmer weather here on the North Island.

We have already checked into our centrally located hotel with apartment style suites, which is around the corner from the beautiful Albert Park and the bustling Queen Street.

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Off-Grid Roaming in Queenstown Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 3

With the hours of work your children are putting into school, the activity was a nice treat to clear their minds so they can have a fresh start at preparing for ISU’s and exams. A big thanks you to The Playground NZ for their amazing organization and laid back nature.

Tomorrow morning we fly to Auckland. Though it hurts a bit to leave our beloved Queenstown, we have checked everything off of our lists, and are ready to explore the next destination!

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Views from Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown: Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 3:

The way in from Dunedin was a restful and scenic bus ride with a stop at the famous Mrs. Jones Orchard where we bought some fresh fruit and homemade ice cream.

Now in Queenstown, we are in THE place for adventure sports and I promise that we won’t disappoint. Some of us are bungee jumping and skydiving this weekend!!! Jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet…easy right? Jumping off a bridge at 150 feet…also easy, yes? I hope so, because I know I will need all of the encouragement I can get! 🙂

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We Have Arrived in Dunedin: Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 3

After a few quick flights we have touched down safely in Dunedin, NZ. Our new home has slightly cooler temperatures than Australia, as we nestle into a comfortable 15 degrees this evening. Cue the spring jackets!

We chose the perfect time for a weekend getaway in Dunedin, as there are many opportunities for hiking, working out, watching a national rugby game, or even viewing a show at the annual Fringe Festival!

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A Visit to Brisbane’s Koala Sanctuary: Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 3

Our last few days in Australia were exciting and memorable for all. Our week kicked off with a visit to Brisbane’s Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. You guessed it – we each got to hold and cuddle the beautiful little Koalas! We then moved on to roam with and feed the kangaroos in their natural habitats.

Some were just tiny little Joeys with two legs poking out of their mother’s pouch, while others could pass for professional athletes with biceps as big as your local Toronto Raptor’s Power Forward.

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Kayaking, Snorkelling and Sandboarding Through Brisbane: Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 3

Here in Brisbane there is an area called South Bank, which sits along the longest river in South East Queensland. Crossing over the Victoria Bridge this weekend, we made our way into South Bank, past the Wheel of Brisbane (60 meter tall Ferris Wheel), and headed to The Collective Arts Market where we indulged in some stall-to-stall shopping. The sun was shining as we walked amongst locals and tourists who flock to South Bank Beach, or eat at one of the trendy cafés along the river.

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Down Under in Brisbane: Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 3

We woke up this morning for breakfast and later went on a 2-hour walking tour of this beautiful city. We saw the Riverside urban life, the Queen Street Mall, the famous South Bank Park, Historical monuments, the Story Bridge, and more! A few of our students even attempted the Tough Mudder obstacle course we stumbled upon in City Hall Square.

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Welcome to ‘Reefworld’ | Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 3

As we prepare to leave our new home in Airlie Beach, we will give our thanks to the incredible staff at Colonial Palms Motor Inn. They warmly welcomed us to their beautiful grounds (with two pools and lush gardens!) from the moment we arrived. Owner John and his team of family members were generous and friendly day in and day out. We were spoiled with delicious gourmet dinners, and a safe place to call our home.

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Global High School 2016-17 Term 3: Whitsundays

Here we are in the beautiful Whitsundays; where the people are friendly and the palm trees are plentiful. We have been taken from our bustling cosmopolitan city of Sydney and placed ever so gently into our relaxed, slower-paced, greener environment of Airlie Beach.

Our stay at Colonial Palms has exceeded expectations in many ways. Being a family-run business, you immediately feel like you are one of their cousins.

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