Global High School Travel Journal

Views from Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown: Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 3:

The way in from Dunedin was a restful and scenic bus ride with a stop at the famous Mrs. Jones Orchard where we bought some fresh fruit and homemade ice cream.

Now in Queenstown, we are in THE place for adventure sports and I promise that we won’t disappoint. Some of us are bungee jumping and skydiving this weekend!!! Jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet…easy right? Jumping off a bridge at 150 feet…also easy, yes? I hope so, because I know I will need all of the encouragement I can get! 🙂

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We Have Arrived in Dunedin: Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 3

After a few quick flights we have touched down safely in Dunedin, NZ. Our new home has slightly cooler temperatures than Australia, as we nestle into a comfortable 15 degrees this evening. Cue the spring jackets!

We chose the perfect time for a weekend getaway in Dunedin, as there are many opportunities for hiking, working out, watching a national rugby game, or even viewing a show at the annual Fringe Festival!

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A Visit to Brisbane’s Koala Sanctuary: Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 3

Our last few days in Australia were exciting and memorable for all. Our week kicked off with a visit to Brisbane’s Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. You guessed it – we each got to hold and cuddle the beautiful little Koalas! We then moved on to roam with and feed the kangaroos in their natural habitats.

Some were just tiny little Joeys with two legs poking out of their mother’s pouch, while others could pass for professional athletes with biceps as big as your local Toronto Raptor’s Power Forward.

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Kayaking, Snorkeling and Sandboarding Through Brisbane: Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 3

Here in Brisbane there is an area called South Bank, which sits along the longest river in South East Queensland. Crossing over the Victoria Bridge this weekend, we made our way into South Bank, past the Wheel of Brisbane (60 meter tall Ferris Wheel), and headed to The Collective Arts Market where we indulged in some stall-to-stall shopping. The sun was shining as we walked amongst locals and tourists who flock to South Bank Beach, or eat at one of the trendy cafés along the river.

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Welcome to ‘Reefworld’ | Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 3

As we prepare to leave our new home in Airlie Beach, we will give our thanks to the incredible staff at Colonial Palms Motor Inn. They warmly welcomed us to their beautiful grounds (with two pools and lush gardens!) from the moment we arrived. Owner John and his team of family members were generous and friendly day in and day out. We were spoiled with delicious gourmet dinners, and a safe place to call our home.

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Global High School 2016-17 Term 3: Whitsundays

Here we are in the beautiful Whitsundays; where the people are friendly and the palm trees are plentiful. We have been taken from our bustling cosmopolitan city of Sydney and placed ever so gently into our relaxed, slower-paced, greener environment of Airlie Beach.

Our stay at Colonial Palms has exceeded expectations in many ways. Being a family-run business, you immediately feel like you are one of their cousins.

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Global High School 2016-17 Term 3: First Week in Sydney

This past week has been filled with the perfect mix of adventure and academics. For starters, our amazing teachers led all of our students on a 45 min hike to Double Bay Beach for afternoon classes on Thursday. We’ve also had classes in the rooftop pool of our hostel, cafes in the neighbourhood, and the private conference room available to us at Sydney Central YHA. Students have been doing a phenomenal job juggling excursions, jet lag, and assignments. They have already become very close with one another in such a short time!

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Global High School 2016-17 Term 3: A Safe Arrival in Sydney

Well…we did it! After passing through a few different time zones and spending many hours in the air, we finally touched down in Sydney. The flights couldn’t have been more seamless. We went from plane to plane with ease and everyone got at least a little bit of sleep on the flights (or stayed awake and binge watched movies!)
We were picked up at the Sydney airport by our private coach, which took us directly to Sydney Central Youth Hostel.

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