On the Road to Mirador (not Mordor):

Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 4

Buenas tardes from Ometepe! Our visit on the island has been filled with nature, sun, swimming, bike rides, authentic Nicaraguan cuisine, an evening frog hunt on the beach, and hikes with magnificent views.

On Monday we climbed 3km up Maderas Volcano to the ‘mirador’, or viewpoint.  Moving in and out of shade, the climb was hot, challenging, and beautifully lush every step of the way. Our Nicaraguan guides, Eric and Dimas showed us so many interesting species of plants and insects native to the region.  Some of us even milked a cow!

Post hike, we drove over to Ojo de Agua, a fresh water swimming pool where we enjoyed a delicious lunch and drank water straight from freshly cracked-open coconuts.

The rest of our evening consisted of dinner at Villa Paraiso, study hall, and a well-deserved early bedtime; we were exhausted!

Over the next two days we went full swing into the academics.  Whether class was held in the swimming pool, the local vegetarian café, or on a bike ride along the quiet Ometepe roads, students are in full gear for their term. 

After morning classes tomorrow, we will get back on the ferry and make our way back to San Jorge port, at which point we will transfer via minibus to San Juan Del Sur – our final stop in Nicaragua. 

We will miss our tranquil paradise in Ometepe but we’re looking forward to ten full days in the surf town of San Juan!

Hope all is well at home!



Program Manager