Off-Grid Roaming in Queenstown:

Travel Journal 2016-17 Term 3

As we bring Queenstown to a close, we look back on these two blissful weeks of adventure, relaxation, and academics.  How can a place be so magical that it allows for all three of those things?

Our final group activity here in Queenstown consisted of what I like to call ‘professional recess’.  Bubble soccer is what I’m referring to. Talk about a way to unwind…

We got picked up in a private van sent by “The Playground NZ” and were driven for 20 minutes to what seemed like a secret location of farmland and seclusion.  Acres of land to ourselves with neon coloured parachutes speckling the blue sky (a norm here in Queenstown), we knew the next two hours would just be good old fashion fun. We ditched the cell phones and jumped into our oversized plastic bubbles; contraptions that instantly brought the inner child out in all of us.  It was a few hours of pure fun, laughter, and bonding.  From body checking one another (SAFELY!), to passing a soccer ball, to rolling down hills like we did when we were kids, we shared endless bouts of gut wrenching laughter and came together as a big group. 

With the hours of work your children are putting into school, the activity was a nice treat to clear their minds so they can have a fresh start at preparing for ISU’s and exams. A big thanks you to The Playground NZ for their amazing organization and laid back nature.

Tomorrow morning we fly to Auckland.  Though it hurts a bit to leave our beloved Queenstown, we have checked everything off of our lists, and are ready to explore the next destination!

I also want to note that we are very safe here in NZ.  The weather is perfect, with sunny skies and very little wind.  Unfortunately, the tropical storm that passed through Queensland, Australia, was said to go near the Whitsundays.  We send our love and well wishes to our new friends in that area. 

Thank you and we’ll chat again!



Program Manager